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Achey?  Sore Muscles? Bloated? Trouble Sleeping?Headaches?Restless?Constipated?Feeling off? There is a very simple remedy to help with these issues! Epsom salts and/or Magnesium Spray! They are an amazing, simple, and inexpensive way to help with these issues. They contain the all powerful magnesium that is so utterly important for all of our bodies functions as well.

Depending on the size of your bath tub, you can use anywhere from 3-4 cups of epsom salts. You want the water to be comfortably very warm-hot. Not so hot where you would not want to relax for twenty minutes in it! You can add different essential oils-I prefer lavender at night for it’s natural calming properties.

You can also add 1/2 c. of aluminum free baking soda for a detox as well.

As far as the spray, feel free to reach out to me for my favorite brands..most suggest anywhere from 10-50 sprays a day. Start lower and increase your dose. Magnesium is a natural constipation reliever, so you don’t necessarily want to take so much that you are running to the restroom:)

Also keep in mind if you take a multivitamin or magnesium supplement that they all work together.

I recently had a tension headache for several days, and I used a combination of baths,spray and a magnesium supplement to get rid of it.

I hope this info helps you to be well! Xo



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