A little about me-

I have always been interested in health & wellness. It has evolved from my desire to stay thin in my teens…I could eat whatever & how much I wanted until 14—then I hit puberty and my metabolism slowed drastically… I was never medically overweight, but had to monitor my eating & exercise to stay “thin”. For over a decade I did diets and exercised— was healthy but 10-15 lbs over what I wanted to be at times. It was a struggle, and I developed an eating disorder for a few years, which thankfully I recovered from without permanent harm.

Then I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s & subsequently gluten intolerance .I manage this through nutrition, various exercises including yoga, lifestyle changes, and working with an endocrinologist. I also had a complete shift in mindset from a desire to be healthy not skinny…and I am so much happier & stronger!

Hashimoto’s really opened my eyes to how prevalent autoimmune conditions are, and how so many can be helped through small yet impacting change. I am passionate about spreading this message to everyone, not just autoimmune patients.

I graduated from The Institute of Integrative Nutrition in 2015.I am a certified health coach. I truly enjoy helping people discover that a healthy lifestyle is rewarding, fun and a true marker of respect for oneself.